The Cedar Creek Karate for Christ ministry began with a meeting between Pastor Ian Elliot of Cedar Creek Community Church and Sensei Neil McGillvray in 2000. The ministry opened its doors under the Karate for Christ banner in March 2001 with Neil as Senior Instructor, and amongst the student body, Carl Outram, and Rob Eades. Neil claimed his Black Belt in Tracy's Kenpo in 2002. Rob Eades received his Black Belt in 2007 from Mike Donovan as did Carl Outram in 2009.

Neil decided to move the ministry to Calvary Pentecostal Church in Ayr in 2010 under the name "Karate for Christ Canada" and is currently its Executive Director. At the moment, Neil is teaching out of Manchester Public School in Cambridge

Cedar Creek Community Church established a separate organization, "Cedar Creek Karate for Christ" (CCKFC) with Rob Eades as chief instructor in 2010, and Rob led the ministry until his untimely passing in September of 2011. The leadership role fell jointly to Sensei Carl Outram (1st degree, Tracy's Kenpo) and Sensei Stuart Gray (6th Degree, Goshin-Ryu Karate). A decision was made to change disciplines from Tracy's Kenpo to American Kenpo and Modern Arnis. Because of health concerns, Stuart Gray stepped out of the CCKFC ministry in September of 2012, but still teaches Goshin-Ryu Karate at Calvary Pentecostal Church in Ayr. Leadership at Cedar Creek continued until 2014 under Sensei Carl Outram and Sensei Derek Griffioen.

At present, Carl Outram is the chief instructor of CCKFC, being awarded his second degree Black Belt in American Kenpo in July 2015. He is assisted by Doug Reed (1st Degree, American Kenpo, July 2015). Derek Griffioen is pursuing a degree in Water Engineering at the University of Guelph.

Three other students have since attained the rank of Sensei in Tracy's Kenpo - Derek Griffioen (2011), Kevin O'Connor (2011), and Robert Stang (2013). Derek Griffioen was also awarded a 1st degree in American Kenpo in July, 2015.