Cedar Creek Karate for Christ teaches two martial art disciplines - American Kenpo Karate as envisioned by Sr. Grandmaster Edmund "Ed" Kealoha Parker (March 19, 1931 - December 15, 1990), and Modern Arnis as defined by Grandmaster Remgio "Remy" Amador Presas (December 19, 1936 – August 28, 2001). As the founders of any martial discipline age, and eventually pass away, their students expand and adapt the arts to modern conditions. Both American Kenpo Karate and Modern Arnis are no exception: there are several former black belt students of each discipline which have either been handed or have taken up the mantle of their art's progenitor to continue this task. Each of these new masters brings a unique and important contribution and new life to the arts.

Out of the array of possible instructors, we have chosen two to assist our students in their journeys: for American Kenpo Karate, Associate Master (8th degree) Francisco Vigoroux of Vigoroux Kenpo Karate Studios International and for Modern Arnis, Datu (10th degree) Tim Hartman of World Modern Arnis. Our leaders test with these masters for their credentials. In this way, when our students earn a black belt certification from our dojo, their degrees will be recognized and respected throughout the martial arts community.

Every martial arts discipline has a crest for its students to wear on their uniforms and these two disciplines are no exception. The two crests are shown below, and are available from the dojo for a modest donation.