In Modern Arnis, there are 10 primary directions which you can use to attack your opponent. These strikes are in turn tied to specific areas of the human body, as shown on the diagram.

The 10 Angles of Attack

  • When practising the strikes, remember to strike with the same side of the stick, as Arnis is a knife and sword martial art.
  • Strikes 1 and 2 are cuts to the base of the neck and down to the opposite hip, while strikes 8 & 9 are diagonal cuts to the opponent's legs
  • The 10 angles of attack can also apply to unarmed attacks, using hammerfists, jabs, and sword hands in place of weapons
  • Always chamber the weapon between strikes and keep the unweaponed hand behind the weapon at all times.

The video clip below, with Sensei Carl Outram, and Sensei Derek Griffioen, demonstrates the proper technique for each of the ten strikes.