Training in the martial arts often include other disciplines that don't directly involve combat. For example, samurai practiced calligraphy and the tea ceremony as part of their instruction. At CCKFC, memorization, and fitness, while they don't involve striking, or blocking, assist the student in their overall growth as martial artists.

There is a lot to learn and remember in the martial arts, and if you can't remember it, you can't do it and when muscle memory fades, it is important to be able to remember the steps in a particular drill. If you haven't trained your memory properly, you may not be able to recall what you are to do. Remember, the more senses involved in the process of learning, the easier it is to store the information away, and recall it later.

CCFKC requires scripture memorization for another reason - the reinforcement of personal belief and a moral code that works in the real world. Just as the sayings and terms of Kenpo like "Establish Your Base" and "Marriage of Gravity" teach proper balance and transfer of momentum, so memorizing Bible verses offer ready reminders of proper moral conduct like "Thou shalt not murder" or "Love thy neighbor as thyself". When a student is in a situation where the choices are ambiguous, memorized verses can help them to navigate and make correct decisions.

If you don't train your physical body, you won't have stamina to perform the drills properly or defend yourself, no matter how much muscle memory you accumulate or how well you can recite. You may also suffer injury in the process because your body isn't ready for rigorous challenges of everyday life.

As this website grows and progresses (just like its developer), more information will be added to help the student to become well-rounded citizens, and martial artists. Life is more than just curriculum.