Step 1

  • Step with your right foot towards 6:00 and settle into a right reverse bow stance
  • Counter-grab the opponent's lock on your fingers by grabbing the opponent's wrist with your left hand
  • Twist your right arm into an outward elbow strike towards 9:00, breaking the opponent's left arm

Step 2

  • Re-grab the opponent's left arm with both hands, pulling the arm over your right shoulder
  • Step forward with your right foot towards 12:00 and settle into a forward bow stance, breaking the opponent's arm by pulling down on the arm with both hands

Step 3

  • Pivot into a neutral bow stance facing 7:00 as you drive your left elbow into the opponent's left floating ribs. Keep holding the opponent's left arm with your right arm
  • Re-grab with your left arm and pivot into a right forward bow stance facing 12:00 as you drive your right elbow into the opponent's ribs

Step 4

  • Take your right foot and step back towards 5:00 (between the opponent's legs) into a left reverse bow stance
  • As you step back, deliver a right hammer-fist strike to the opponent's groin

Step 5

  • Cover out towards 12:00 with a left front crossover step