A "daga" is tagalot for dagger. In this self defense, the opponent approaches you from the front with a dagger held tip up, chest high. You might see this scenario in a robbery for example. You, in response, assume a "hands up" position, signalling that you don't want a life-threatening confrontation - a gesture of negotiation, or surrender. Once the opponent is within range, you act.

Step 1

  • Step toward 10:30 or 1:30, toward the outside of the hand holding the knife and assume a neutral bow stance
  • Grab the opponent's wrist with the hand opposite to the one holding the knife (if the knife is in the left hand, grab the wrist of the left hand with your right hand, and vice versa.

Step 2

  • Drive your other hand (the same as the opponent's hand holding the weapon) with a palm heel strike into the back of the opponent's hand, folding the hand to the inside of the wrist, forcing the opponent's fingers to open, causing the opponent to drop the knife. Do not pick up the weapon!
  • Apply what Datu refers to as a "Plus One" - another strike or kick of your choice to further discourage the opponent from his course of action

Step 3

  • Cover out toward 12:00