Step 1

  • Step forward towards 12:00 into a left forward bow stance as you bring your right arm into an outward block and thrust a left jab into the opponent's floating ribs

Step 2

  • Pivot counter-clockwise into a left close kneel stance facing 12:00 as your left hand checks the opponent's right arm and your right arm delivers a back-fist strike into his right kidney, forcing his back to curl backwards
  • Circle your right arm to the opponent's front ( follow the body's contours) and pin his chin with your hand, anchoring your elbow under his shoulder
  • Left hand checks low

Step 3

  • Reduce your height into a wide kneel stance, as you slide your right arm down into the back of the opponent's right knee with a sword-hand strike
  • With your right foot, step up and around the opponent's right leg and deliver a right snapping knife kick into back of the opponent's left knee, buckling him over

Step 4

  • Follow through with a right front crossover step towards 7:30 as your cover out