Step 1

  • Slide your left foot counter clockwise toward 4:30 to form a right neutral bow stance facing 10:30
  • Deliver a universal block to the inside of your opponent’s right leg (left hand in a downward block and right arm in an inward block)

Step 2

  • Deliver a right outward downward hammer fist strike to your opponent’s groin
  • Left hand stays open near your shoulder as a guard position

Step 3

  • Shuffle forward towards 10:30 (into the opponent) as you deliver an obscure right elbow into the opponent's chin
  • Shift your right foot behind the opponent's left leg towards 1:00 and shift into a right reverse bow, collapsing his balance
  • Straighten your right arm toward 9:00, delivering a forearm strike into the opponent's jaw

Step 4

  • Crossover and cover out toward 2:30